InMind Global Profile

InMind Global is a professional and revolutionary headhunting company with internet and creative thinking. We are committed to headhunting services in financial services, industrial & manufacturing, high-tech, real estate, life science and supporting functional positions. Having a profound knowledge of enterprises’ HR demands, InMind Group is capable of finding the best candidates suitable for different posts, thus ensuring a win-win result for both talents and enterprises.

Big Data Algorithm

  • Attach distinctive labels to candidate profiles for effective sourcing.
    More effective sourcing for talents

    On the basis of candidates' coding management and the original database, InMind Group’s exclusive big data center is established through information collection and profile analysis, thereby constituting the foundation of the company’s grid services. This management approach conduces to a thorough evaluation of the candidates and effective sourcing of their profiles.

  • Standardized position analysis for precise matching
    More precise matching to positions

    The position requirements are divided into pieces of multi-dimensional data and analyzed in standardized ways, thereby underpinning the grid services. Such measure ensures a thorough analysis of the positions and, consequently, precise matching.