Management Team

  • Blue LiLi Min


    Blue has over 10 years of expertise in HR management and consulting for financial institutions. He once served as Financial Services Recruitment Director at a well-known domestic headhunting company and built the North China Financial Services Recruitment Team for a well-known UK headhunting company. Blue is both an idealist and a pragmatist who is among the earliest in the industry to put forward the grid-based business model. On that basis, he founded InMind Group in 2016.

  • Carol LiuLiu Hongyi

    Director, High-Tech Team

    For over 17 years, Carol has been in the field of HR management for high-tech enterprises, particularly those specialized in communications, software, hardware, Internet, video games, etc. In previous employments at several renowned enterprises, she won tons of awards, including the Best Consultant, the Best Team, the Most Valuable Contribution in Asia-Pacific and so on. Carol has had experience managing HR for all functions.

  • Eric WangWang Geng

    Director, Financial Services Team

    Eric has near 10 years of expertise in headhunting for financial institutions. Focusing on four major areas, namely large investment, insurance, financial technology and Internet banking, he has abundant experience working with large- and medium-sized financial clients, as well as government organizations. He used to be a big part in establishing some prestigious financial institutions, from preparation to opening. He also provided enterprises with consulting services for setting up HR systems. ...

  • Alice BaoBao Lei

    Director, Financial Services Team

    Alice has near 10 years of expertise in HR management for financial institutions (banks in particular). When serving as East China Senior Manager at a well-known domestic headhunting group, she led an 8-person team to achieve an annual result of 8 million yuan. Alice once worked for China Merchants Bank for two years, when she gained a unique insight into recruitment for banks. Now working at InMind Group, she is devoted to building the most professional and prolific team in bank recruitment.

  • Wendy WenWen Xiaohui

    Director, Financial Services Team

    Wendy has near 10 years of expertise in HR management for financial institutions and is specialized in securities, funds and PE/VC. She once built a headhunting team for finance services that led the South China Area in performance. Within 2 years, she became a manager responsible for financial services recruitment. The combination of experience in securities industry regulation, financial services and HR, and sensitivity in new operations in the industry, enables Wendy to better analyze how co ...